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ClearView-SCADA with New Object Animation Interface

ClearView-SCADA with New Object Animation Interface

ReLab Software has released ClearView-SCADA version with several new features. These features include:

• New Object Animation Interface (Automatic Line Coloring)
• Screen Zooming and Resizing
• Enhanced Security Module

The new Object Animation interface enhances the ability of ClearView to easily convert data into actionable information for the operator and is automation of functions previously available through scripting. The enhancement is a new expression driven object animation module that enables dynamic coloring of objects such as power lines, switches, breakers and other items. This capability is commonly called “Automatic Line Coloring”. Use of the new expression engine drastically reduces the time required to animate objects and simplifies the animation process; enabling faster project deployment at reduced cost.

The Object Animation Interface enables coloring and animating very complex systems such as multi-source topology. Internal logic execution provides high performance and configurability in SCADA graphic animation designed for easy implementation by the engineer.

In the user interface, see figure #1, logical conditions are configured to trigger changes of an objects control items. These changes are used in ClearView Wizard to change object properties such as color, line type, line thickness, object location, etc..

Figure 1, Object Animation User Interface

Below is an example of the capability provided by the Object Animation Interface. There is a bus bar with 5 feeders. This example is in Russian demonstrating the multi-language capability of ClearView-SCADA. The initial state is with the circuit breaker closed, system energized, figure #2.

Figure 2 – Example, System Energized.

When the fault occurs the breakers open and the feeders are no longer energized, see figure 3. Also the alarms are shown in the Alarm Banner.

Figure 3 – Example, Fault with Feeders No Longer Energized

The error state is also configured, shown in figure # 4. Here the switch is between the open and closed position with a yellow color for the breaker, signifying the error state.

Figure 4 – Example, Error State

With the enhanced automation capability operators can have better information regarding the status of the system visually, in addition to numerical information, allowing them to make better decisions faster during events.

ClearView-SCADA has a new Security Interface to Active Directory. This feature includes new functions and methods that allow login to ClearView based on the list of users in Domain Active Directory if such users do not exist in the ClearView Users Database. A user can use network domain credentials to log into ClearView.

The new features in ClearView Version are available for deployment in projects today. Download the ClearView Suite from the website