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IEC 61850 GOOSE OPC Device Driver

IEC 61850 GOOSE OPC Device driver is the add-on driver to the ReLab’s OPC Server that enables communication with all devices supporting standard IEC 61850 Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) protocol. It also allows to use unicast or multicast LAN communication between ReLab OPC Servers using GOOSE protocol.


Software port Replicator is a Windows kernel driver that emulates multiple logical serial or TCP/IP ports per one physical port.

Your applications can work transparently with either physical or logical ports.

It is indispensable for users who need to access and control one physical port from multiple applications.

Logical port definition is straightforward and is provided through a configuration file.


  • Allows to connect an unlimited number of applications to the same port
  • Has no limitation on the number of physical ports
  • Is easily configurable, runs in minutes