About ReLab

Who We Are

ReLab is a leading provider of innovative, intelligent and interoperable automation software solutions for the control of electrical generation, electrical storage, electrical transmission and distribution, and industrial applications. ReLab's product offerings include the ClearView-SCADA and OPC Product Suite with unique OPC Device Drivers for IEC-61850, SEL Fast Message, C37.118 as well as OPC Gateway and Protocol Bridges.

The ReLab Difference

ReLab provides intelligent, interoperable, scalable and cost-effective solutions that enable customers to meet both current and future needs. Our solutions are interoperable with a wide range of hardware and software to ensure the greatest flexibility, reliability, and lowest cost—whether used in single-supplier installations or as key components in best-of-breed solutions.

Our Vision

By providing solutions with the greatest flexibility, we give customers the freedom to implement the most effective solution for their exact needs. As a result, customers are able to enjoy greater efficiency, lower cost, reduced environmental footprint, and the ability to quickly respond to market shifts.

Our Goals

We strive to provide:

  • Innovative and intelligent solutions that are reliable and cost-effective.
  • Industry-leading customer care that always puts the customer first.
  • Outstanding product quality.
  • Tools that enable more environmentally friendly green energy.
  • Flexibility so customers are free to integrate our solutions with any combination of industry-standard hardware and software.