IEC-61850 GOOSE OPC Device Driver

IEC-61850 GOOSE OPC Device driver is the add-on driver to the ReLab’s OPC Server that enables communication with all devices supporting standard IEC-61850 Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) protocol. It also allows to use unicast or multicast LAN communication between ReLab OPC Servers using GOOSE protocol.


IEC-61850 GOOSE OPC Device Driver provides a full implementation of IEC-61850 GOOSE protocol widely used for fast transmission of the substations' events, such as commands, alarms, indications, and messages.

The Driver is compliant with IEC-61850-8-1 Communication networks and systems in substations. Specific Communication Service Mapping (SCSM) –Mappings to MMS (ISO 9506-1 and ISO 9506-2) and to ISO/IEC 8802-3 is implemented as well.

The benefits of using ReLab's IEC-61850 GOOSE OPC Device Driver include:

  • Utilization of a comprehensive set of substation functions which provides a strong functional support for substation communication
  • Simple and Straightforward design, configuration, and maintenance reduces the integration cost
  • intuitive hierarchical and structured device, data modeling, standardized naming conventions, self-describing devices and automatic object discovery


  • Provides an efficient way for OEMs and system integrators to utilize standard tools to implement their systems, it takes hours versus weeks to configure ReLab’s Solutions
  • Simple to use — little knowledge of IEC-61850 required
  • Together with ReLab’s ClearView-SCADA ReLab’s IEC-61850 OPC Server provides a complete solution to the substation automation needs.
  • Simplifies Multi-Vendor integration
  • Has high performance, robust and scalable architecture

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