Software Logic Controller

ReLab Software Logic Controller (RLSLC) is a Windows based software product that turns your computer into a fully functioning logic controller. It doesn’t require special operating system add-ons or dedicated hardware components.


ReLab Software Logic Controller effectively replaces microprocessor based PLC/IED controllers to overcome their functional limitations.

The RLSLC RTE (Run Time Engine) executes the logic similar to a traditional microprocessor based controller. By default the execution logic is described by VBScript language, though other scripting languages can be used as well.

RTE reads all input devices, executes the logic, and finally outputs calculated values into the output region. The entire cycle is based on user defined script execution scan-time (10ms to minutes).

The RLSLC utilizes OLE for Process Control (OPC™) as the standard mechanism of communication with numerous data sources.

With the complements of ReLab MODBUS Server (RLMOD) user can achieve direct control over hardware MODBUS I/O’s.

RLSLC supports the following Windows operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server.
In addition to RTE the product also contains a configuration console. The console is a client interface, which includes a sophisticated script editor and OPC items configuration tool.


  • Supports virtually unlimited number of OPC Servers
  • Exposes rich functionality
  • Works with multi-vendor equipment
  • Has extremely high performance
  • Is robust and scalable
  • Makes it easy to establish and maintain supervisory control over a large number of microprocessor-based devices
  • Provides a perfect way for OEMs and system integrators to utilize standard tools to implement their systems
  • Simplifies integration with your existing Business systems

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