Electrical Generation & Storage

Today’s energy market puts a premium on the ability to quickly and cost-effectively adapt to change. New and renewable energy sources such as solar, biomass, and wind must be quickly brought online with a minimum of engineering and cost. In addition, existing plant operations must be made more efficient with reduced waste and carbon footprint.

ReLab Software can quickly integrate new power sources and technologies with interoperable, standards-based solutions that are easy-to-use and can reduce the time to integrate new digital control technologies by as much as 70%. Using the IEC-61850 communications protocol, we eliminate the need to know multiple protocols and provide effective, modernized operational control, data acquisition and device protection.

ReLab Benefits

  • Our easy-to-use software reduces new device programming by up to 70%.
  • ReLab solutions are fully compatible with IEC-61850 communications protocols so engineers can quickly meet the needs of the modern substation.
  • ReLab servers, drivers and controllers are scalable and interoperable to easily accommodate new power sources and technologies.
  • ReLab delivers more effective control over automation devices to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize your carbon footprint.
  • Our standards-based interoperability can integrate best-of-breed software and hardware to meet the demands of today’s dynamic grids.

With ReLab Software, utilities can:


With ReLab Software, integrators can:

Original Equipment Manufacturers

With ReLab Software, original equipment manufacturers can: