Enterprise ClearView-SCADA Server

ReLab’s Enterprise ClearView-SCADA Server is designed for Control Room or Master SCADA Applications. The product offers an open access, flexible, scalable, reliable and cost effective SCADA to monitor and control a large number of substations and/or power assets.


ReLab’s ClearView Enterprise SCADA creates a single complete ecosystem that is easy to deploy, maintain and upgrade. It includes all the SCADA features: historian, alarms, notification, calculation engine, security, redundancy, and many more that can be used to monitor and control multiple substations and/or other assets simultaneously.

Control Room implementations with dispersed multiple substation and/or critical assets is the target application. Implementation examples include: Electricity Distribution Systems for utilities; large mining operations; Refineries; Chemical Plants; Well Systems and pump stations; monitoring and control of multiple remote renewable generation plants.

ClearView Enterprise Server is architected to provide the user community with confidence that they will be able to collect, manage and distribute ever greater volumes of data as the demand grows. Similarly the users can have confidence that as the system grows the capability to monitor, control and protect critical assets will not degrade.

The ClearView Enterprise Solution is based on modern, standard and well accepted protocols with an ability to add new protocols, perform protocol conversion, plug-in third party components and integrate to enterprise business applications.

ReLab’s Enterprise SCADA Solution utilizes all the power of ReLab’s Industrial Platform, ClearView SCADA-HMI and OPC communications products, and enables enterprises with the most modern and powerful technologies. A typical configuration will have direct connection between the ClearView SCADA Server in the substation or plant and the ClearView Enterprise Server in the Control Room.  


  • Complete Control Room/Master SCADA platform: Alarms, notification, visualization, security, reporting, historian and many more
  • Easy To Use
  • Scalable
  • Designed for high reliability, system and network
    • minimal bandwidth requirements
    • minimal CPU usage
  • Unlimited data points (tags)
  • Economical and simple licensing
  • Advanced Security
  • Fast Return-on-Investment (ROI)

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