ClearView-SCADA Client: 5, 10 or 20 CAL licenses

ClearView SCADA Thin Client is designed for applications with multiple simultaneous users.


The ClearView-SCADA Thin Client simplifies project and hardware support as the ClearView Client is available to multiple users from a single computer. The access to data and screens can be tailored to an individual user. Terminal Services is required for the computer which will host the thin client. ClearView SCADA Client 5 CAL has five (5) Client Access Licenses or seats, 10 CAL has 10 Licenses and 20 CAL - 20 Licenses.

Application Examples

  • Facility where multiple users require access to information simultaneously
    • Multiple access points for supervisory control or local control
    • Multiple viewing stations
  • Remote access to assets for execution of supervisory control from multiple locations
  • Availability of asset information for multiple users, local or remote, that do not require supervisory control functionality

Benefits of ClearView SCADA-HMI Thin Clients

  • Availability of information for multiple users simultaneously through secure access
  • Global access to information
  • Simplified support for multiple users with diverse information requirements
  • Reduced support for ClearView projects on individual client machines
  • Reduced support for individual client computers
  • Higher level of security compared to web access
  • Low cost support for infrequent users of the information
  • Ability to broadcast information to controlled group of users

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