Partnership programs

Program Description Features Benefits
ReLab-VAR Value Added Reseller Program The ReLab-VAR program is designed to provide system integrators with access to a range of incentives including resource sharing, technical support and special product discounts.

Joining our program will help you offer advanced and cost effective solutions to your customers.

Participation in the program requires ability to provide complementary software solutions, implementation and other consulting services that are focused specifically on ReLab’s offerings.
ReLab-DEV Developer Partner Program ReLab-DEV (Developer Partner Program) is geared towards companies that provide complementary software solutions and product development, which can then be integrated and resold as part of our Software Product Suite.

By leveraging combined expertise of ReLab-DEV partners we can offer our customers more complete and innovative solutions.
ReLab-OEM OEM Program We are aware that OEMs have different requirements than end-user customers. Cost-effectiveness, quality and product stability are the key factors of getting your products to market quickly and efficiently.

We provide competitive discounts and top-notch application support for our products and services.
ReLab-DIS Distributor Program ReLab realizes that the key to our success is to recruit and retain the right channel partners. We want to work with resellers who know their markets, who provide the highest levels of service and have full commitment to the solutions they sell. In addition to a generous baseline discount, all ReLab resellers receive substantial sales, technical and marketing support.
ReLab-REF Referrals Program Companies who want to register and pass leads to the ReLab sales team are eligible to receive a referral fee via the Affiliate Program.