ClearView-SCADA Backup/Restore Application

ClearView Backup/Restore Application provides backup and restore of ReLab's ClearView-SCADA
database tables.


ClearView Backup/Restore Application is the optional component of ClearView-SCADA.

The application works with Microsoft SQL Server database and is used to backup and restore of ClearView-SCADA Historical Data, Alarm and Event Logs. The application doesn't backup / restore the entire ClearView-SCADA database but rather the specific tables containing historical data.

Every day the Backup / Restore Application will create a compressed file with archived data and store it as a file on the hard drive or other media.The files are automatically organized in a folder structure (year, month and day).
Rather than restoring the entire database a user can selectively restore a day, a month or a year of data.


  • Intuitive Interface, easy to use
  • Backups and restores only data you need
  • Stores compressed data - uses little space
  • Best value for money guaranteed

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