Schweitzer OPC Device Driver

ReLab SEL OPC Device driver (Serial and TCP/IP) supports the entire SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc) product line of processors, relays, meters and I/O modules.
The device driver utilizes a reliable, fast and secure SEL Fast Message protocol with ability of Serial and TCP/IP communications between Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories IED’s and SCADA PC’s.


Serial & TCP/IP (telnet) support.

Supports up to 100 serial connections and virtually unlimited number of TCP/IP connections.

Static, Dynamic and Offline configurations.

Programmatic time synchronization.

Built-in SOE file generator.

Flex-parsing capabilities.

User configurable tags.

Supports the entire SEL IED’s memory map (Targets, Meter, Demand, Commands, Event Summary and SOE’s).

Supports SOE messaging queuing.

Runs as NT Service.


  • Simple to use
  • Rapid Configuration (can be configured in minutes)
  • Scalable (connect to a single device or run the entire plant on a single PC)
  • Configure an IED in minutes trough automatic query
  • Supports practically unlimited number of SEL devices

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program screenshots
Schweitzer OPC Device Driver