ClearView-SCADA Client

ClearView-SCADA client is a component of ClearView-SCADA solution that provides a Graphical User Interface to the system.


ClearView-SCADA client provides a unique integrated environment for users to design, develop, debug and run their projects.

User can simply and instantly switch a particular screen from a Design to a Run-Time and back. This unique capability dramatically accelerates the integration part of SCADA deployment and provides significant savings for integrators.

The client provides drag-and-drop interface with hundreds of standard objects. The object library can be easily expanded and the objects are customizable.

User Accounts Management, Security, Reporting, Alarms, Events and Tags Management are provided out-of-box and are easy to use.

One ClearView-SCADA solution can have multiple ClearView clients connected to one or multiple ClearView Servers.
A minimal configuration required for ClearView – SCADA is one Client and one Server. 


  • Easy to use software
  • Open access to industrial data
  • Client - server architecture, flexible network platform
  • Economical and simple licensing
  • Advanced Security
  • Comprehensive out of box alarm management
  • Richest and expandable objects set
  • Simplified configuration—import/export capabilities
  • Integrated reporting
  • Advanced trending
  • Attractive pricing for smaller projects yet powerful enough for a large-scale deployments
  • Best value for money guaranteed

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