With today’s focus on reduced inventories and timely delivery, downtime in manufacturing operations can be costly — to the bottom line and to your customer loyalty. But lack of integration between your manufacturing and power systems can leave your line vulnerable to deteriorating power supplies. A robust and reliable control system that integrates both will keep your lines up and running at optimal performance.

ReLab meets the needs of modern industrial automation and control systems with an interoperable, standards-based approach that integrates and controls your power and manufacturing systems through a single solution. That means only one system to learn and maintain. And your critical power quality and manufacturing status is easily accessed and controlled through a single user interface. By using widely accepted standards such as OPC, COM, ActiveX, and ODBC, we even provide seamless integration with your business applications.

ReLab Benefits

  • ReLab integrates control systems for power, manufacturing, production, and chemical processing into a single user interface.
  • ReLab power control systems can manage any size power grid, including local power supplies, to ensure the highest reliability.
  • ReLab solutions can proactively shift power loads and adjust manufacturing systems when power supplies deteriorate.
  • With a single integrated system for power and industrial control, you save time and money in equipment, training, installation, and maintenance.
  • By supporting OPC, COM, ActiveX, and ODBC standards, device information from ReLab solutions can be integrated with business applications.

With ReLab Software, manufacturers can:


With ReLab Software, integrators can:

Original Equipment Manufacturers

With ReLab Software, original equipment manufacturers can: