Dorran Bekker

We budgeted two weeks of work to configure the other vendor's IEC 61850 solution. With your IEC 61850 OPC Server we were able to configure the entire system in 6 hours. A great product with exceptional support.


Bryan Brennan

Thank you for you allowing us to use your products here at Washington State University . Basically, we used your software to display the essential information a utility would be interested in for monitoring the temperature of an overhead conductor without physically measuring the temperature. However, all of these calculations took place within an SEL-421 and were simply saved to an automation variable which was displayed on the HMI screen.With this technique it would be possible to monitor the effects of increasing load on the transmission line in real-time and alarm in the instance the temperature began to reach the thermal limit of the line. We actually ended up winning the competition between numerous other EE and CS design projects.The team truly believes our success was related to our HMI portion of our prototype. Thank you very much once again.


Dennis Haes, Branch Manager - Pullman, Systems and Services Division

We have been using ReLab's software products for over four years and have been very pleased with our choice. With long-term commitment, ReLab has provided us with a number of software products for our automation projects: ClearView-HMI, OPC Servers, Serial Port Replicators and others. ReLab's OPC Server supports almost the entire SEL product line of relays, meters and communications processors. Being reliable, efficient and easy to use, ReLab products are complimentary to SEL's high quality hardware. Recently SEL completed a very large automation project where ReLab's OPC Servers & Software Port Replicators had been used. We struggled to find a reliable software converter from Serial to TCP/IP protocol. We tried several vendors; their converters were either growing in memory or becoming non-responsive. Taking into account ReLab's experience in this area, we asked if they could help. In a matter of days they produced a solution. Their product did exactly what we needed, and worked flawlessly without any of the problems experienced in the other vendor's products. ReLab's software can really make a difference.

Grays Harbor PUD

Karen Leggett, Sr. Automation Engineer Grays Harbor PUD, Aberdeen, Washington

"The Relab OPC server provided us with the missing piece between our HMI software and the SEL2030".

City of Melrose Public Utilities

Dale Lyon Electrical Supervisor

ClearView was chosen as a SCADA vendor that has demonstrated great flexibility in their architectural design and a strong commitment to customer service. After four years we continue to be impressed by ReLab's products and commitment to its customers. Our SCADA system is stableand reliable. They genuinely listen to their customers and continue to enhance their products and services to meet the customers' needs. The word open architecture truly describes their attitude and thinking. We highly recommend ReLab Software as the best choice for anyone asking about SCADA Systems.