Modbus OPC Device Driver

ReLab Modbus OPC Device driver (Serial & TCP/IP) is one in the series of OPC Device drivers provided by ReLab Software. Customers using ReLab Modbus OPC Device driver will benefit from the same intuitive and easy to use interfaces of ReLab OPC Server and ReLab OPC Console.


ReLab Modbus OPC Device Driver utilizes a standard, open and effective OPC communication architecture to communicate with numerous data sources, devices on a factory floor or in a control room.

The product includes OPC server, Configuration Console and Modbus Device Driver.

The Console is a client interface, which allows creation of point mapping between actual devices and the OPC Server.

The driver supports Serial (RS232/RS485) and TCP/IP protocols.


  • Has extremely high performance, robust and scalable architecture
  • Provides a perfect way for OEMs and system integrators to utilize standard tools to implement their systems
  • Supplies a wealth of information about field devices’ status and health, their configuration parameters, etc.
  • Provides access to various plant-floor or control room data
  • Simplifies integration with existing business systems

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