IEC-60870-5-101/104 OPC Device drivers

IEC-60870-5-101/104 OPC Device drivers are the add-on drivers to the ReLab's OPC Server that enable communication with all devices supporting IEC-60870-5-101 (Serial) and IEC-60870-5-104 (TCP/IP) protocols.


ReLab IEC-60870-5-101/104 OPC Device drivers extend ReLab OPC Server capabilities allowing it to communicate with any IED that support IEC-60870-5-101/104 protocol. The drivers are fully compliant with IEC-60870-5-101/104 standards, and have capabilities not available from other vendors.

Reliability, performance and scalability of the drivers make them irreplaceable in any solution that requires IEC-60870-5 protocol.

The users will enjoy the simplicity and intuitiveness of ReLab's OPC Server Console allowing to start using the driver in minutes.


  • Support all functionality required by IEC-60870-5-101/104 Standard.
  • Automated (single write), semi-automated (two writes) and manual Select Before Operate (SBO) commands.
  • Comprehensive SBO command status monitoring. 
  • Parameters loading.
  • Periodic and manual Interrogation Commands, including Group Interrogation.
  • Periodic and manual Counter Interrogation Commands, including Group Interrogation.
  • Works with all vendors’ IEDs.

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program screenshots
IEC 60870-5-101
IEC 60870-5-104