ClearView-SCADA Comtrade File Viewer

The Comtrade File Viewer option for ClearView-SCADA Client is a new object that when installed in a project enables the user to view oscillographic records for system disturbances and faults from files in the Comtrade, C37.11, format.


Automation of the Comtrade File collection from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) can be achieved with the use of ReLab's OPC Server and IEC-61850 MMS driver that includes FTP File Transfer Capabilities meeting IEC-61850-8-1 requirements.

A user can configure ClearView-SCADA to automatically collect the Comtrade Files form the IEDs when events occur. These files can be imeediately displayed in ClearView SCADA, improving siutational awareness and enabling faster assessments and corrective actions to distrubances and faults.

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program screenshots
Comtrade File Viewer Object