Transmission & Distribution

Today’s power grid is rapidly changing, growing in size and complexity. New generation and renewable energy sources demand greater agility, efficiency, and flexibility. The challenge is to meet these needs and modernize the grid—including the addition of advanced automated metering, protection, and control systems—without scrapping the existing infrastructure.

ReLab delivers interoperable, standards-based solutions that dynamically scale and upgrade power grids to meet needs for today and tomorrow. ReLab’s software bridges the gap between legacy systems, new communications protocols and state-of-the art digital technologies so you can cost-effectively meet the challenge and address the new realities of the today’s power grid.

ReLab Benefits

  • Our standards-based interoperability solutions let you build automation and protection and control systems that combine best-of-breed software and hardware to meet today’s demand for dynamic grids.
  • Because ReLab solutions have no I/O limits, you can add new generation sources to metering, control and protection systems without added software expense.
  • ReLab servers, drivers and controllers are scalable and interoperable to easily accommodate new sources and technologies.
  • Our Software Logic Controller bridges the gap between existing systems and modernization components.
  • Our IEEE C37.118 OPC Device Driver is the only one on the market to support synchrophasor implementation for large-scale monitoring of grid stability and safety factors.

With ReLab Software, utilities can:


With ReLab Software, integrators can:

Original Equipment Manufacturers

With ReLab Software, original equipment manufacturers can: