IEC-61850 MMS OPC Device Driver

IEC-61850 MMS OPC Device driver is the add-on driver to the ReLab’s OPC Server that enables communication with all devices supporting standard IEC 61850 protocol.


ReLab IEC-61850 MMS OPC device driver extends ReLab OPC Server capabilities and allows it to communicate with any IED that support IEC-61850 MMS protocol. ReLab’s OPC server provides a long awaited bridge between IEC-61850 devices and OPC world.

The users who are familiar with ReLab OPC Server Console Graphical User Interface will enjoy the same effectiveness and simplicity of it.

With the release of the IEC 61850 OPC Server ReLab announces a complete Substation Automation Solution based on IEC 61850 Standard Protocol.

Using ReLab’s ClearView-SCADA product together with ReLab’s OPC Suite enables users to rapidly and reliably build a complete Multi-Vendor Solution.

ReLab utilizes a standard OPC communication protocol that allows ReLab customers to mix and match products from different vendors.

ReLab ensures full OPC compatibility and additionally provides further benefits to those who use multiple ReLab’s products. For example since ReLab’s OPC configuration file is fully compatible with ReLab’s ClearView-SCADA, a ClearView user can simply import tags information from a ReLab OPC Server configuration without having to perform additional steps of tags mapping.


  • Provides an efficient way for OEMs and system integrators to utilize standard tools to implement their systems, it takes hours versus weeks to configure ReLab’s Solution
  • Simple to use — little knowledge of IEC 61850 required
  • Together with ReLab’s ClearView - SCADA ReLab’s IEC 61850 OPC Server provides a complete solution to the substation automation needs.
  • Simplifies Multi-Vendor integration
  • Has high performance, robust and scalable architecture

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IEC-61850 MMS