ClearView-SCADA Server

ClearView SCADA offers an open access to industrial data, flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness to monitor and control your entire plant floor or individual processes.


Today’s industrial automation engineers are challenged to deliver cost effective, reliable, and flexible control solutions while avoiding dead-end, proprietary technologies that take a lot of money and time to fix and replace in the future. ClearView Human Machine Interface (HMI) software was developed by control engineers to make sure nothing interferes with meeting this challenge.

ClearView software provides control engineers with:


  • Easy to use software
  • Open access to industrial data
  • Client - server architecture, flexible network platform
  • Economical and simple licensing
  • Advanced Security
  • Comprehensive out of box alarm management
  • Richest and expandable objects set
  • Simplified configuration—import/export capabilities
  • Integrated reporting
  • Advanced trending
  • Attractive pricing for smaller projects yet powerful enough for a large-scale deployments
  • Best value for money guaranteed

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program screenshots
ClearView-SCADA (Server & Client)