ClearView-SCADA Graphical Reports

Graphical Reports is an option for ClearView-SCADA which enables the creation and using of Graphical Reports.


The reports can be in the form of pie, bar, area and line charts. These reports can be created individually and included on project pages. The Graphical Reports function is an addition to the built in trending or tabular reporting capability of ClearView-SCADA.

The Graphical Report capability enables the conversion of historical data, typically viewed in a tabular format, into information in a graphical format. Thus enabling decision makers to respond quickly to issues at hand as well as reviewing the performance of assets easily without the need to review large tables of information.

The Graphical Report tool uses the same features and functions of ClearView-SCADA built in reports generation tool. The Graphical Report module interfaces with any relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Access or Oracle over the ODBC interface.

Sample applications for the Graphical Reports include:

  • Energy production for a generation facility
  • Load consumption by feeder
  • Wind velocity over time or by location
  • Irradiance over time or by location
  • Parameter Change (V, I, Frequency, Active and Reactive Power, Angle) by bus or time
  • Load reporting
  • Equipment Performance/Characteristics
  • Comparison of Assets for Enterprise Level Applications

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ClearView-SCADA Graphical Reports