iHistorian is part of ReLab Industrial Software Platform. It will allow you to seamlessly store your data in a database at a rate of tens thousands records per second. iHistorian is part of OPC PRODUCT SUITE installation.


A iHistorian is a real-time data historian developed by ReLab Software LLC. The iHistorian records data values over time in relational databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and others. All types of data can be recorded and each distinct piece of data is known as a iHistorian data point (tag). For a given iHistorian data point, you record its events or data values over time. The recording of different data over time allows for historic data graphing and analysis using other tools.


  • Thousands records per second
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and other relational databases
  • Easy to use
  • Supports redundancy, parallel systems or a single database
  • ODBC Compliant

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