ReLab Automation Platform, Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to buy all the components to be able to use ReLab Automation Platform?
    No, you only buy what is necessary, which sometimes is just one or two components.
  • Can I mix ReLab Platform components with other vendors’ products?
    Absolutely. ReLab components interoperate using standard interfaces. For example, you can replace the OPC Server or HMI with other vendors’ product, as long as they support required protocols.
  • What does vendor-agnostic mean and how I can benefit from it?
    Relab has no vendor preference, therefore enabling a true multi-vendor environment. This means that we do not provide a higher quality solution for one vendor and sub par solutions for others. You benefit from this by having to implement one solution instead of many and getting higher solution quality.
  • How does ReLab Automation Platform compare to "native software solutions" provided by IED vendors?
    There are big differences in hardware and software manufacturing and support processes; therefore hardware manufacturers often prefer to partner with software vendors instead of developing their own software products. ReLab’s business is software and only software. ReLab’s team skills and experience guarantee that the software you get is the best of the best.
  • By positioning your software as a platform, do you mean that there is always extra work compared to out-of-box solutions?
    ReLab components are designed for a quick configuration. For example, if you create your OPC configuration once, you can easily use it in ClearView or Software Logic Controller. This is not always the case for vendors who say they have out-of-box solutions.
  • Do I need to become a ReLab partner to get the advantages of the ReLab Platform?
    Although ReLab is always looking for partnership opportunities, it is not necessary to become a partner to get all the benefits of ReLab’s platform. Any Independent Software Vendor, System Integrator, IED manufacturer or an end-user can contact ReLab and get all advantages of ReLab Automation Platform. ReLab provides significant volume discounts to every customer and even more attractive partner discounts. For more details about partnership opportunities, check ReLab’s Partner Program.
  • How do I benefit from using ReLab Automation Platform?
    The Platform gives you many ways to save time and money:
    • ReLab provides an unlimited number of tags for a very competitive price.
    • You will not have to throw away the system because it doesn’t scale or because you need to buy another vendor’s IEDs. Imagine how much money you can save by not having to redo everything!
    • ReLab Platform has an unmatched performance: you will have to buy fewer instances of our software products compared to other vendors.
    • ReLab Platform is optimized for rapid project development and deployment. By minimizing integration time, you save a significant amount of time and money
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